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The Library has chosen a new group to help safeguard magical cursed artifacts throughout time and around the world. An art historian, a thief , a mathematician and a warrior are sent through the doorway to help bring back the others, who are protected by the Library from the evil recently released.
A group of librarians sets off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts.
I think this is a case of the producers and creators of this show not really understanding what they&#39;re doing right–or what they&#39;re doing very, very wrong.<br/><br/>I really don&#39;t appreciate the appropriation of characters from other cultures. The villain of season 3 is an Egyptian god; one of the villains from season 2 was the Native American trickster god. First of all, the trickster is rarely portrayed as evil within Native American culture; second, why is a show filled almost entirely with white people invoking racial &quot;otherness&quot; in such a twisted and disgusting way? There were moments in season 2 when I thought the show was improving. I really liked the inclusion of Celtic lore and classic Western texts. I think the show was at its best when incorporating Shakespearean villains and the Lady of the Lake. <br/><br/>Now the producers seem to rely primarily on unfunny humor, fake drama-none of the show&#39;s main characters are ever really in danger- and a maybe-sorta-if-you-squint romance no one cares about.<br/><br/>Meanwhile, Christian Kane is basically playing himself, and his character is really unappealing. One of the pleasures of Leverage was watching how the main characters&#39; personal lives and emotions intersected with their work. Here, we have a less interesting on-the-job situation with virtually no romantic or emotional involvement on the part of the characters, thus none on the part of the audience.<br/><br/>Every single person involved with this project can do better. I guess this is what happens when you&#39;re pretty enough or well- connected enough that you don&#39;t have to…or, like Rebecca, just can&#39;t get out of your contract.
our local TV critic praised the release of this show. Why? What is its audience–morons? The acting and writing were pathetic, laughably bad. One actress&#39;s French accent kept shifting into Italian. Just bad regular TV. Who would watch crap like this over cable? More tired, rehashed vampire silliness, clich├ęs right and left, over-acting, Rebecca R I think is incapable of being in anything of value. There was just nothing good to like about it, other than it&#39;s over and we will not be wasting time watching this drivel. In fact, it&#39;s not even worth writing two more lines about it, so please fill this hour with commercials if you have to, soccer, cricket, game shows, anything but the Librarians.

The show premieres in TNT on December 7, 2014. It will not be available to view prior to its release.<br/><br/>–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––<br/><br/>It is on Hulu along with the two movies leading up to the series effective 10/24/15. It will air on TNT Sunday nights starting 12/07/2014 &amp; be available on *iTunes the *CW network. It will also be able to be streamed on TNT on demand, *Amazon prime and *Universal networks around the world. (* All encore airings and streamings will be after the TNT Sunday night broadcasts.)
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